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Shelter Needs & Donation Guidelines

Thank you so much for considering donating to Barren River Area Safe Space, Inc. With the help and support from our
amazing community, we are able to provide items that victims of domestic violence need to survive, and also items that
survivors of domestic violence need to thrive.
We ask that all potential donors give us a call at 270-781-9334 to
discuss which items we are currently in need of.
Unfortunately, sometimes storage space prohibits our acceptance of donations.

Current Shelter Needs

  • Individually wrapped snacks

  • Apple sauce, pudding, or fruit cups

  • Granola or cereal bars

  • Body wash

  • Individual cereal cups

  • Poptarts

  • Juice, juice boxes, sports drinks

  • Lotion, lip balm, hair spray

  • Hair dryers, flat irons, hair brushes

  • Journals and pens

  • Laundry detergent pods

  • Infant/children's medicine

  • Tylenol, Aleve, Benedryl, etc.

  • Ready to microwave meals

  • Towels

  • Pillows

  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash

Packing Food in Boxes
Donation Boxes

Items Our Clients Love:

  • Unopened, unexpired shelf stable food - canned goods, cake mixes, individually wrapped snacks, juice, pasta/sauce

  • Personal hygiene items(full size) - shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razors, toothbrushes, hair ties, body wash, textured hair care products, menstrual products, diapers

  • New or very gently used clothing, coats and shoes - leggings, sweat pants, tee shirts, and hoodies

  • New under garments - panties, boxers, bras, socks

  • New or gently used home goods - usually only furniture, appliances and cookware

  • New or gently used baby items - swings, high chairs, baby gates, baby/toddler beds

  • Gift cards - grocery stores, Walmart, gas stations

  • Cooked/catered meals - food is a great way to warm the heart! Our staff loves catered meals too, so they can focus on advocacy instead of cooking!

  • Cleaning supplies - disinfectant, dish soap, laundry pods, paper towels, toilet paper, household cleaners

  • New linens - pillows, bedding, towels

Items We Cannot Accept

  • Damaged, soiled or stained items of any kind

  • Used under garments, including socks

  • Large quantities of used clothing at one time (usually no more than 2 bags)

  • Open, expired or damaged food or hygiene items

  • Travel size toiletries

  • Bars of soap

  • Alcohol or tobacco products

  • Home décor

Packing Boxes
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