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Our Services

At Barren River Area Safe Space, Inc. (BRASS, Inc.), we offer a comprehensive range of services to support survivors of domestic violence on their journey to safety, healing, and independence. Whether you are in need of emergency shelter, legal advocacy, counseling, or community resources, our dedicated team is here to provide compassionate support and guidance every step of the way. Our services are free, confidential, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and family we serve. No matter where you are on your path to healing, we are here to stand with you and help you reclaim your life. Our service area covers Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson, and Warren Counties.

Arm Around Shoulder

Emergency Shelter

Our shelter and residential services provide a safe haven for survivors of domestic violence, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, citizenship status, or religious affiliation. Our no-cost emergency shelter ensures immediate refuge for individuals and their families, offering 24/7 access to trained Domestic Violence Advocates who provide crisis intervention and support groups. We prioritize the well-being of every member of the family, offering child and adolescent services, including counseling, recreational activities, and parent education, alongside advocacy related to child safety and school enrollment.

At our shelter, survivors benefit from comprehensive support, including safety planning, referrals to legal and medical services, court advocacy, and case management services tailored to long-term housing goals. Our commitment to individualized care extends to providing information and referrals for community resources, transportation assistance, and language accessibility. We also recognize the importance of addressing practical needs, offering assistance with clothing, daily living items, and nutritious meals.

All of our services are free, confidential, and voluntary. Survivors are empowered to choose the programs and services best suited to their needs, with advocates providing personalized support and service referrals aligned with their goals. Our advocates are trained to help survivors identify and overcome personal barriers to safety, self-sufficiency, and permanent housing stability, ensuring a supportive environment conducive to healing and empowerment.

Those seeking shelter can reach out to our 24-hour crisis line to complete a crisis assessment and determine eligibility for services. Please call 1-800-928-1183 to speak with an Advocate and learn more about available shelter space. Click here for shelter FAQs.

Housing Program

We offer a comprehensive housing program designed to meet the needs of Domestic Violence Survivors and their children. Our dedicated team provides personalized assistance every step of the way, beginning with the creation of a safety plan for transitioning to a new home. With Safe at Home application assistants on staff, we guide survivors through the process of securing safe and stable housing. This includes support with housing searches, mediation with landlords, and understanding leases.

From assisting with applications to completing housing inspections, our aim is to ensure a smooth transition into safe and stable housing. Additionally, we provide essential resources such as budgeting and money management guidance, as well as assistance in finding furniture to furnish their new home. Our commitment extends beyond placement, offering ongoing case management to empower survivors on their journey toward healing and independence.

Housing Services Contact:

Main line: 270-632-4400

Fax: 270-632-4410

Keys To The New Place

Non-Residental Program

Our non-residential services are designed to provide comprehensive support to survivors of domestic violence who may not require shelter assistance. Through our program, survivors have access to a range of supportive services aimed at empowering them to rebuild their lives free from abuse.

One of the key services we offer is assistance with the filing of Emergency Protective Orders (EPO), providing survivors with legal protection against their abusers. Our advocates also accompany survivors during protective order hearings, offering emotional support and guidance throughout the legal process. Additionally, we assist survivors in preparing victim impact statements, ensuring their voices are heard in court proceedings.

In addition to legal advocacy, we offer one-on-one counseling to help survivors navigate the emotional impact of their experiences and develop coping strategies for healing and recovery. Support groups provide survivors with a sense of community and solidarity, allowing them to share their stories and learn from others who have faced similar challenges.

Beyond direct support services, we are committed to raising awareness about domestic violence in our community.


Through community awareness events and activities, we strive to promote understanding of domestic violence and educate individuals on how to recognize the signs of abuse and support survivors. By working together, we can create safer communities where individuals can thrive free from violence and fear.

Non-residential services contact:

Allen County: 270-239-3933                     

Barren County: 270-659-0823                      

Logan County: 270-731-5005

Warren County: 270-632-4400                    

Fax: 270-632-4621        

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